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Time Sensitive: This 7-day, highly-interactive challenge will show you the exact steps to launching your Virtual Summit and reveal the tactics needed to invite influencer speakers to promote it for you.

Discover the EXACT strategy Dr. Mark T Wade has leveraged to launch 100s of Virtual Summits and generate 10,000s in leads, build 6&7 figure companies and connect with the biggest influencers on the planet 

1. Identify A Winning Summit Theme

Identify exactly WHAT your niche is and your ideal prospects need right now… And turn it into your compelling summit theme (and even a new business). Dr. Mark will show you the step by step process no one else will reveal.

2. Systematic Influencer Outreach

Over the years, Dr. Mark has developed a systematic outreach for how to not only to connect, but actually GET influencers to join and promote his summits… PLUS templates, resources and ready to go outreach scripts.

3. Launch & Profit Without Tech Headaches

Many people assume you need to be a tech whiz to host a Virtual Summit, but by using Dr. Mark’s proprietary process and software, it’s drag & drop easy to launch and start profiting using the Post-Summit Monetization strategies

Is 2021 the year you reach 1000s of people with your message? 


Maybe you're looking for ways to establish yourself as a go-to authority in your niche...


Perhaps you've even tried Facebook ads, podcasts or social media to generate leads and sales…


Yet your results feel like you’re running on a buttered treadmill.


Or, maybe, your business took a hit during the turbulent times (whose hasn't?) 


And you see that going virtual is not an option but THE option...


Isn’t it about time we stepped up as leaders for our tribe, solving their problems and ethically growing our businesses?


If you’re okay with sitting idle waiting for the storm to pass, then you can stop reading here…


But if you are on a mission to reach more people with your message, keep reading…


My name’s Dr. Mark T Wade and I’ve gone from a brick & mortar business to multiple multi-million dollar online businesses using the power of Virtual Summits.


Over the years, I’ve hosted 100s of Virtual Summits for me and my clients, with each one doing a minimum $20,000+ and upwards of $200,000 in summit revenue. 


I often think back to when I was stuck in my brick and mortar, going through failure after failure trying to pivot online...


And back then, I didn’t know it, but my first Virtual Summit would be the start of monumental change in my life.


In fact...


Every time that I hit a rut in my business, it was a Virtual Summit that pulled me out.


There’s no other better way to build a list of engaged subscribers who will become fans and buyers fast (that I know of).


The problem?


Getting your Virtual Summit can feel so overwhelming.


Glueing together the tech, inviting the right speakers, promoting your Summit, monetizing…


That is why I’ve put together my 7 day Virtual Summit Challenge.


During the 7-Day Virtual Summit Challenge, we’ll focus on the exact steps to launch Virtual Summit fast…


So you can fill your email list with subscribers, get sales and turn into an industry authority.


I will walk you through every step of the process:

  1. We will focus on identifying your Summit Theme that people swarm to.

  2. How to approach, connect, and invite the ideal influencers to join your Summit.

  3. How to design an unforgettable experience (including the infrastructure).

  4. My proven process to come up with a “can’t-say-no” offer and Summit promo strategies.

  5. ​You'll understand how to monetize the visibility and turn viewers into sales.

And many more in a step-by-step road map. 


Now in case, you were wondering... 


You don’t need a big marketing budget to host a Virtual Summit...


Because we’ll tap into OTHER people’s lists to get leads, sales and exposure.


This means that every speaker you invite will happily promote your summit to their audience, who become YOUR fans and customers.


So, if you're ready to remove ALL guesswork and reach thousands with your message, I want you to join me in our 7-Day Virtual Summits Challenge.    


I'm super excited to share my step-by-step framework with you.

It's taken me years to perfect this blueprint and I am literally handing it to you... for just $47. 


Yes, you read that correctly.


Honestly, I could easily charge $997 for this thing, but I decided to make it super inexpensive, so we can literally remove all obstacles and help you find your first Virtual Summit right away.

Imagine what’s possible when your Virtual Summit is LIVE and people are tuning in to hear the influencer interviews and joining your tribe.


What would it mean to you to not only see this process…


But take powerful daily action over these 7 days with support from myself and hundreds of other summit hosts from all around the world?


Click the button below and join the Virtual Summit 7 day experience.


Your message matters,


Dr. Mark T Wade


Dr. Mark T Wade is the founder of Viral Summits Concierge and the visionary behind the evolution of virtual summits.  He has hosted more than 25 of his own successful summits, over the past 6 years, having created several 6, 7, & Multi-Seven figure companies using virtual summits.


He created the first platform ever designed for summits called, Virtual Summit Software which makes hosting a summit easier than ever before.


He is the creator of the revolutionary Summit Story Arc and has consulted with some of today’s top entrepreneurs on their summits.   He's the host of the top rated Virtual Summit Podcast, inventor of the One-Day Summit, and host of Summit Fest Live held in New Orleans.


When it comes to creating a virtual summit that matters, Dr. Mark is considered the foremost expert on the topic.


Mark is up to some really amazing stuff.  I fully endorse what he has created.

Pat Flynn 

Smart Passive Income

Mark is doing some incredible things & you should definitely check him out!

John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs On Fire

The Virtual Summits Software is a game changer. The One-Day Summit changed my business!

Dr. Krista Burns

American Posture Institute

Mark knows what he is talking about.  He has already given me at least 7 Figures worth of value that I believe I can achieve this year!

Cade Archibald

CEO, Go Wellness

I would have never done a summit if it weren't for Mark's help.  Thanks to that I doubled my list and made some real money off my summit!

Kevin Christie

CEO, Health Fit Sports Recovery

The virtual summit training was amazing.You have definitely hit this out of the park.  Such great value provided.  Thank you!

Brad Gorski

AutoImmune Summit

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