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EPIC Virtual Summit Bundle?

Summitology Foundations Masterclass: ($997 Value)


This punchy and to-the-point summit masterclass gives you the exact fundamentals you need to get started hosting your virtual summit.  


If you haven't hosted a Virtual Summit before, or hosted one but didn't get 'WOW' results...


This masterclass will shine light into exactly what goes into launching a profitable Summit that can bring in 5,000 - 25,000 qualified leads.


Know what to expect, where to start, & how to get going.

Behind The Scenes Look Inside A Mega Virtual Summit: ($997 Value)

You'll get to peek behind the curtain of an actual live virtual summit that generated over 26,000 new leads & $65,000 in revenue...


With specific trainings on everything from layout & flow, to theme creation, speaker recruitment strategies, monetization strategy, communication sequences & summit promotion plans.


You'll have to 10+ hours of actual in depth summit training & real world examples.

Post Summit Profits Strategy (A $997 Value)

How can you actually host a Summit that turns views into dollars?


Here are the exact strategies to deploy immediately and

monetize, with the strategic blueprint to achieving 6 figures with your Summit.


I outline the 5 different pillars of monetization you can choose to get an avalanche of profits during and AFTER your Summit. You'll get a crazy ROI just from this program alone.

Summit Topic Selection Guide (A $97 Value)

In 2020, the “Summit game” has changed. 


No longer can you put out generic Summit Topics & Themes and hope to get noticed.


If you want your prospects attention, your Summit Topic & Theme must be interesting, clear and authoritative.


Which is why I’ve compiled the ultimate resource, the Summit Topic Selection Guide…


With formulas, examples and tips to help you come up with an amazing summit topic your prospects will love.

Flow Of A Summit Workbook (A $97 Value)

Most summit hosts feel they are missing something when they’re ready to launch their summit... 


Mainly because they feel like they should be doing more.


That’s because they lack a concrete Summit guiding flow they can follow till the Summit is ready to run.


Using the Flow Of A Summit Workbook, Summit hosts will know the exact actions to take in for each phase…


So they never have to worry about leaving out a critical aspect of their Summit, and hamstring their list and revenue growth.


You also get a handy diagram you can use for quick reference, with all email sequences you’ll need for a high-converting Summit.

Summit Speaker Tracker (A $97 Value)

Ever got lost in a sea of notes tracking your speakers?


I know I did. That’s why I’ve put together the Summit Speaker Tracker to manage your speaker database, with all their important details baked in…


So you’re just a few clicks away from knowing exactly who’s in, out, the stage of your interaction and all the info you need for a remarkable interview.


Summit Story Arc Template (A $97 Value)

Create a BINGE worthy Virtual Summit by infusing an overarching summit story.


Using this simple but powerful formula, you’ll be able to knit your Summit pieces and interviews together with a compelling narrative…


Leaving viewers wanting more after each and every session.

Summit Agenda Template (A $97 Value)

Structure a virtual event agenda the smart way…


By tailoring the content to your different audiences, with this structured agenda template.

Summit Theme and sessions Workbook (A $97 Value)

Did you know there are 14 different engagement strategies to keep viewers glued to their seats?


Or the 13 Summit sessions styles to keep viewers guessing and create a FUN experience?


You also have 12 different Summit Theme types to choose from!


It’s all laid out for you inside the Theme and Sessions framework, so you can craft an unforgettable Summit experience.

Virtual Summit Communication Framework (A $97 Value)

If you want to turn leads into viewers and viewers into buyers, you need powerful communication sequences driving their actions.


Knowing this… whenever I host a Summit, I use these 5 Summit Communication Sequences to generate demand for my Summits and offers.


And it’s yours when you grab my Virtual SummitPack.

Creating A Summit Offer Guide With Templates (A $97 Value)

When it comes to monetizing a Virtual Summit, hosts have three areas: The Summit offer, Post- Summit Offer and Sponsorships. 


And the amount of revenue you’ll bring in hinges on making these three offers irresistible. 


With different terms, tiers and structures, there are many creative ways to position them and maximize results, all included inside your Summit Offer Guide.

Email Communication Sequence For you To Swipe & Deploy (A $497 Value)

These emails are a Summit Host’s best friend. You’ll save days of writing or thousands on pricey copywriting fees with this complete email sequence. 


All you’ll have to do is swap out your details and deploy them for your Virtual Summit.

Summit Promotional Overview (A $97 Value)

The success of your Summit depends on getting it in front of more people, so you can rapidly grow your audience. 


With the right promotion strategies, not only people sign up, but they share the summit with their audience and friends.


The Summit Promotional Overview gives you a mix of strategies and tactics to use during your promotion period to make it a roaring, viral event.

Post Summit Profit Strategy Guide (A $97 Value)

What Summit Hosts often overlook is this:


The money is in what happens AFTER the Virtual Summit is over.


What offers can you make? 


How can you adopt a “serve or sell” mentality but still profit?


And how can you maximize your profits by picking the right strategy?


This guide will give you everything you need to map out a winning profiting strategy…


So you can leverage all the hard work you’ve put into your Summit.

This Virtual Summit Bundle!

Behind the Success of 100s of Viral Summits I’ve Run For Myself and Clients  Are These Exact Summit Resources

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Hey! I'm Dr.Mark T Wade & I help entrepreneurs use Virtual Summits to grow their businesses.


I've been running Virtual Summits for clients and my own businesses for years, bringing in 100,000s of thousands of leads and millions in revenue.


In fact, I've built multiple 7 figure+ businesses by leveraging Virtual Summits.


My approach has been simple:


People want to get educated, but more than ever, they want to be ENTERTAINED.


Trouble is, everyone runs the same ol' Summits with the same ol' topics. So viewers get bored and quickly tune out.


So, what I created a simple, fill-in-the-blanks system for launching binge-worthy Summits everyone wants to attend, watch, and buy from.


To make it easy for everyone to get started, I created the SummitPack, because it has all the resources you need to set up and launch your next Virtual Summit.

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  • Summitology Foundations Masterclass ($997 Value)

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  • Post Summit Profits Program ($997 Value)

  • Post Summit Profit Strategy Guide ($97 Value)

  • Summit Promotional Overview ($97 Value)

  • Email Communication Sequence For you To Swipe & Deploy ($497 Value)

  • Creating A Summit Offer Guide With Templates ($97 Value)

  • Virtual Summit Communication Framework ($97 Value)

  • Summit Theme and sessions Workbook ($97 Value)

  • Summit Agenda Template ($97 Value)

  • Summit Story Arc Template ($97 Value)

  • Summit Speaker Tracker ($97 Value)

  • Flow of a Summit Workbook ($97 Value)

  • Summit Topic Selection Guide ($97 Value)


Over $4,458 in Value... For only $97.


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