If You’re a Business Owner, Coach, or Course-creator…

You Too Can Start Flooding Your Email List with Raving Fans To Grow Your Profits And Authority By Hosting A Virtual Summit In 60 Days …

... Even If You Have No Connections In Your Industry

And You’re Just Starting Out...

With The ONLY Proven Virtual Summit coaching program responsible for the growth of multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses by your side… 

  • You Start Every Day with New Engaged Followers Sitting in Your Email list

  • Your Revenue Grows With Clients Asking For Your Products & Services

  • You Rub Shoulders and Share The Spotlight With Top Experts in Your Niche

Mark knows what he is talking about. 


He has already given me at least 7 Figures worth of value that I believe I can achieve this year!

Cade Archibald

CEO, Go Wellness

Virtual Summits helped me build a 7-Figure business. 

​It wouldn't have been possible without Mark's AMAZING insights, and strategies. 

Krista Burns

Founder, American Posture Institute

It's like second nature to him.

It's amazing how much Mark knows about summits. 
He helped me quickly see the best route to take and to build out a successful summit.

Luke Wade

Founder, KC Crew.

  • YES! I'm ready to STOP wasting hours on sluggish growth tactics like doing freebies, getting on podcasts, going LIVE & blogging...


    ...or setting fire to my hard-earned dollars on online ads with few or zero sales, hour-long webinars no one attends while being the best kept secret in my industry.


  • I’m READY to use your “One-Day-Summit Series” to become one of the Go-To Authorities in my industry... fill up my email list with fans who say "YES" to my offers... and come to me FIRST before my competition.


  • I understand this is the ONLY Summit coaching of its kind that takes me by the hand and shows me how to host “One-Day-Summit Series”...


    ...so I don't have to end another month without growing my email list and increasing my revenue.


The Summit Accelerator

The ONLY Virtual Summit Group Coaching program that gives you hands-on help to


 launch your profitable summit in 90 days…


Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned one.


Plus… free access to the only all-in one “tech-toolbox” software that relieves all the 

tech headaches that come with running a virtual summit.


I’ve created hundreds of successful summits using my “One Day Summit” System for clients and my own 6 and 7 figure businesses over the years...


And you’re now privy to the SAME system -- with a special twist for this year -- that’s getting me & my clients hoards of engaged followers, sales and top of mind industry influence.


I would have never done a summit if it weren't for Mark's help. 

Thanks to that I doubled my list and made some real money off my summit!

Kevin Christie

CEO, Health Fit Sports Recovery

You have definitely hit this out of the park.

The hustle and scale training was amazing.  Such great value provided.  Thank you!

Brad Gorski

AutoImmune Summit

It's unreal how much value Mark brings to the table. 

​I know we are sitting on something huge now, that would have NEVER happened had it not been for Mark's amazing insights.

Ted Taveras

Co Founder, Spot On Insurance.

Here's what you're getting:

No-risk access to: The Summit Accelerator group coaching, with all the bonuses below (for a short time).


On top of showing you what I believe is *the* most effective way to fill up your email list, gain industry influence and connect with influencers, you’ll also be getting:

  • Your STEP-BY-STEP One-Day-Summit 90-Day Action Plan… (Value $1997)

    With Full access to the ONE-DAY SUMMIT FORMULA & Worksheets/Calendar/Templates


    With your spot locked in, you’re now one of the few business owners who has INSIDER ACCESS to all of our step-by-step procedures, checklists and copy/paste campaigns…


    ...who consistently harness the power of summits to build an email list and position themselves as an authority WITHOUT spending a king’s ransom on marketing.


    On our very first call together, you’re crystal clear on the roadmap and the exact steps we’ll take every month.


    Then, on our bi-monthly group calls, we follow the roadmap so you’re connecting with influencers the right way, conducting expert interviews to build your summit and launch fast. 


    No more “going LIVE on Facebook & Insta” to have only your family (if them) attend…


    No more competing with 5, 10 or even 15 other business owners to get on a podcast to gain just a handful of emails …


    No more credit card charges from your online campaigns with nothing to show for.


    Between the “One-Day-Summit” system, Bi-weekly coaching, and daily email support from me…


    You have everything you need to make virtual summits your most successful marketing strategy yet.


    Now that you’re clear on your action plan, we’re going to…

  • Launch Your Summit & Start Filling Up Your Email List From The First Day... (Value $3,600/yr)

    With One Year Free Access to the Virtual Summits Software


    You're saving yourself 10s of hours and hair-pulling trying to figure it all out on your own…


    Instead, you're following along with me as I share my screen and walk you step-by-step on what you have to do to run your first or next successful summit.


    Because you’re getting a full year of free access to all the tools you’re going to need to run a virtual summit.


    It’s all packaged up in my proprietary software, Virtual Summits Software.


    You’re not getting lost navigating through an endless list of tools or getting hung up on any technical stuff…


    Because I’m handing you my software, my plug-and-play templates, and I’m right there with you every step of the way.


    Your Virtual Summit LIVE in 4 months and new audience flowing into your world. 


    That’s my guarantee to you (as long as you go through the coaching, follow my advice and implement).


    After your first summit is launched, we’re going to…

  • Scale Your Audience and Authority Growth with the "One-Day Summit Series"...

    (Value $497)


    This is a NEW strategy I’ve put together only for the folks that join me on this round of The Summit Accelerator to help them crush 2020…


    Here’s a thought: 


    Why flip the coin dragging on a long Multi Day Summit, with people dripping away every day…


    When you can chain together multiple One-Day-Summits and form a Series to reach more of your target audience and new influencers every time?


    More audience growth, more influence and more revenue with the same effort. 


    Once your first One-Day-Summit is complete, we’ll work on dialing things in to double down on the next virtual summit in the series.


    But here’s the best part…


    You don’t have to host new summits every time to grow, because during The Summit Accelerator, I’ll show you...

  • How To Build An Evergreen Traffic Machine For Your Business...

    (Value $497)


    During a live Summit, you’re getting traffic from speakers, sponsors, and affiliate promotions…

    But once the summit is over, there goes your lead source, right?




    Because you can keep the leads rolling in and the traffic running strong by taking your summit evergreen. 


    I’m not saying that you’ll get the same results as the LIVE summits?


    But with some elbow grease and the traffic strategies I’ll show you, you’ll have a steady stream of leads coming into your world every week.


    No more starting another week with ZERO new leads in your email list or wasting your time creating new content over and over…


    Because your Ever-Summit is your automatic content engine to activate the “Know-Like-Trust” Factor” and reel a steady flow of prospects, leads and fans.


    Once we have this Summit Marketing Machine up and running?


    *HAT TIP* to you my friend...


    Because now you're one of the most well known authorities in your niche…


    As your name shows up beside the crème de la crème influencers...


    Your email list fills up with new audience every week, growing your business and revenue using Virtual Summits and my "One-Day-Summit Series" formula.


  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1: Personal Access to me for your toughest questions...
    ($1,000 in REAL value)


    If you’re one of the first 5 to enroll in the Summit Accelerator group coaching, you’ll get access to Dr. Mark.


    If you hit a barrier you don't know how to overcome, I'm standing by to personally mentor you through the challenge.


    Plus, I’ll provide you with the exact roadmap we’ll follow during the group coaching program so we get started on the right foot and hit the ground running.


    You’ll see that these sessions with me is comparable to a full day with other coaches. 


    I will answer your most burning questions and help you lay out a powerful plan of action for your Summit using the path of least resistance.


    Nowadays, personal access to me is only available for my 1-on-1 coaching clients who pay upwards of $5,000 to get started…


    But when you enroll in the Summit Accelerator group coaching, you get my expertise included in our group coaching calls.



  • BONUS #2: Get Summit Speakers Rolling In Your Inbox With My Speaker Recruitment Strategy($397 in REAL value)


    BONUS #3: Get Summit Speakers Rolling In Your Inbox With My Speaker Recruitment

    Strategy ($307 in REAL value)


    Take out the guesswork of finding summit speakers as we implement my street-tested strategies to attract influencers to join and participate in your summit.  


    I’ll take you through my speaker success steps, from finding speakers, to the right way of reaching out to the speakers, to speaker invite pages…


    ...all the way up to recording the actual interview.


    You won’t have to wonder again about how you’ll find top influencers for your summit, because I’ll walk you through the entire process, A to Z.



  • BONUS #3: Put an end to BORING interviews and put on a show with Interview With Impact ($297 in REAL value)


    ...the bonus program which turns you into a professional & entertaining host, ready to make an IMPACT.


    One of the biggest things holding back many summit hosts is the actual interview with the top influencers. And I don’t blame them?


    Noone teaches us how to conduct an entertaining, engaging and FUN interview.


    And the fact is?


    BORING summit interviews create poor audience engagement, low summit conversions and decreased support from the speakers.


    When interviews are not entertaining and educational, most viewers vanish within the first 7 minutes and sales go *poof*.


    Worry not though.


    Because by joining us into the Summit Accelerator, you get access to my famous Interview With Impact training, turning you into a charming and entertaining interviewer.


    Your audience will stay tuned, your influencer guests will love it, and you’ll have FUN while you grow your audience and influence.


    “Love the interview like a pro training you released. I've been running online summits for 3 years and your tips are gold!”


    Joe Colantonio

  • BONUS #4: Create Binge-worthy, Netflix-like Summits That Draw Viewers In Using Our Summit Story Course ($297 in REAL value)


    With the inevitable explosion of summit popularity, business owners nowadays rush and create cash-grab summits that turn into snore fests quickly.


    Sure, some of them offer value and provide good information.


    But without an alluring story to glue the summit together…


    ...information alone, more often than not, puts them to sleep. 


    So how do you add that *zing* that not only catches the attention of the viewers but keeps them interested so they come back for more and more?


    You wrap your Summit around a well-told story. 


    That’s how you can create a viral summit that your audience craves…


    And we’ll use my Summit Story Course to build your own compelling, binge-worthy summit.


    You’ll never have to guess again about what to do next to keep your audience hooked…


    Because your summit will have a magnetic story arc that keeps viewers glued until the end.



  • BONUS #5: Get Pre-written actual summit email copy for you to swipe & deploy!
    ($297 in REAL value)


    No more banging your fist on the desk trying to come up with your Summit copy and emails…


    Because as a bonus, I hand you 40+ of the most highly converting, lead generating & revenue producing Virtual Summit email copy ever produced. 


    15+ Different industries available, with more than 250 highly converting subject lines…


    This library of killer summit copy has generated over 500,000 leads & produced millions of dollars.


    And now, you get full access to all of it as part of your Summit Accelerator membership.



  • BONUS #6: Get All of Your Questions Answered and Mastermind with Like-minded Summit Hosts ($97/month in REAL value)


    We’re setting up a private Facebook Group where you can post your questions and get my and my team’s FULL SUPPORT.


    You’ll also get the chance to mastermind with other experienced summit hosts in the group and work together on your summits.

To Sum It All Up:

  • One Day Summit Formula (Resources/Behind the scenes/Sheet/Calendar/Templates)

    How To Implement The One Day Summit Formula To Host Your Next Profitable Summit
    (Value $1,997)

  • One Year Free Access to the Virtual Summits Software

    Everything you need to host your virtual summit without endless hours or tech headaches 
    (Value $3,600)

  • Summit Story Course (Storyboard Template, Story Arc Guide, Engagement action checklist)
    Create a Binge-worthy Summit That Draws Audiences In
    (Value $297)

  • Speaker Recruitment Strategy Guide 

    Fill your event with high level influencers using these easy-to-use strategies 
    (Value $397)

  • Interview with Impact ― Host Your Summit Like A PRO! 

    Turns you into a charming and entertaining interviewer that makes summits FUN
    (Value $297)

  • Bi-monthly Summit Accelerator Group Coaching 

    Intimate Mentorship To Grow Your List, Influence And Business With Summits

    (Value $997)

  • Summit Scripts Copy Templates

    Done-For-You Fill-in-the-blanks Copy Templates For Everything You Need From 15+ Industries 
    (Value $297)

  • Access to the Summit Accelerator Private Community

    Connect & Mastermind With Like-minded Summit Hosts And Get Support When You Need It
    (Value $97/mo)

  • Daily Access To Dr Mark T Wade Via Email

    Direct Private Communication & Mentorship Via Email
    (Value $1,000)

  • *First 5 To Join* Fast Action Bonus: Summit Jumpstart Group session with Dr Mark (Value $1,000)


In order to keep from overwhelming our students, each of these programs is rolled out one at a time.  When you finish the first program you will unlock the next program.  This will ensure you stay on track and get your summit created and ready to run!

IMPORTANT: This Special Edition is Extremely Limited

I don’t want to rush you ...


But this special edition of the Summit Accelerator will be promptly removed from the market once all 10 spots are claimed.


So if you’re considering joining us to consistently grow your email list, build relationships with influencers and generate income every month from virtual summits and my “One-Day-Summit Series” …


May I recommend you join us asap?


I just don’t know how much longer this will last.

I’m ready to Enroll!




Deposit is due today and then $297 for every month of coaching

(Cancel anytime)


Our first goal together is to host your next summit in 90 days or less

This One-Day Summit was my "BEST DAY" in Business. 

Mia Moran

You've Been Instrumental at helping create our virtual summit.

Brandy & Nat

80% of what I got right is because of what Mark told me.

Tucker Max

"How Many Summits Do I Have To Host To Achieve A Meaningful ROI On This Coaching?"

One. Just one.


This isn't one of those programs where you find yourself months down the line, scrolling through the modules thinking:


When am I going to get the results I was promised?


I’ve built the Summit Accelerator to provide you with a huge ROI from the first summit we host.


And once we apply my “One-Day-Summit Series”, and optimize the process summit after summit, you’ll see the growth of your businesses reach heights you’ve never seen before.


I’ve done it so many times and with so many people it will be hard NOT to succeed. 


  • Unbeatable Guarantee #1: TRY Summit Accelerator FOR A FULL 30 DAYS, 100% RISK-FREE

    I've packed a lot into Summit Accelerator, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content and my personal help before you’re fully on board with this — I want to give you 30 days to let it digest, integrate it into your daily life, and make sure this is really working for you.


    Try the Accelerator. Join our sessions. 30 days is enough time to decide. If you don't LOVE it, show me you did the work and I'll send you 100% of your money back. 


    Simply send me an email to info@virtualsummits.com within 30 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund.


    We’ll even part as friends :-)

  • Unbeatable Guarantee #2: No One Left Behind

    Here’s what this means:


    I will work with you until you've launched AT LEAST 1 “One-Day-Summit”...


    If, after 4 months of coaching your summit is NOT launched yet, I’ll keep working with you for FREE…


    ...as long as you’re joining the coaching calls and follow the precise path I lay out for you.


    In other words, you can't do NOTHING then come back 5 years from now and ask me to work with you :-)


    But, join the calls, watch the trainings and follow the proven plan I lay out for you…


    And if we don’t host a summit within 4 months, I'm happy to help do whatever it takes until you host one.


    Then, you'll have the ABILITY to build your list AND create cash flow at will…


    Regardless of how competitive your market is or your budget.


    There’s no way you can lose with this arrangement :-)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Will the Summit Accelerator work for my business?”


    If you want to grow your email list, share your message with more people and boost your revenue, The Summit Accelerator will work for your business.


    I’ve helped speakers like Debra Lape, podcasters like Tim Schutz, online coaches like Bill Stars and health professionals like Lisa Burns…


    No matter your business or your industry, the Summit Accelerator can move the needle for you.

  • Q: Do I get access to all the courses immediately?


    You immediately get access to the One-Day Summit Formula.  As you finish each program, you'll unlock the next course/program.  You are not given immediate access to all of the programs instantly.  They are released monthly as you complete the previous program. 

  • Q: I’m not techy at all… how am I going to host my virtual summit?


    This is the best part… As a member of the Summit Accelerator, you’re getting free access to the Virtual Summits Software...


    The ONLY software in the world developed specifically for summits. It makes hosting a summit easier than ever before. No need for big budgets, teams, or time. If you have an idea, you will run a successful One-Day Summit.

  • Q: What if I don’t even have an idea and don’t know what virtual summit I will create?


    That’s exactly why this a coaching program and not just another course.


    You don’t need to come into the program with an idea, because I’ll show you exactly how to come up with your profitable virtual summit theme and idea on our calls and jumpstart session.

  • Q: I’m virtually a nobody in my industry... Can I still host a virtual summit?


    Years ago when I was still working on my brick and mortar business, noone knew me. Yet I used summits to grow my clinic into a 7-figure business.


    When I pivoted into the online world, I used summits once again to rub shoulders with leading influencers even if I was a nobody in my niche. 


    And I quickly grew to 6 and 7 figures directly as a result of summits.


    That’s the magic of virtual summits. 


    They give you instant credibility and trust in the eyes of potential customers and authorities in your niche just by association.


    How cool is that?


    Join me today, and I’ll show you exactly how. You got this.

  • Q: I’ve never done an interview before… what if I can’t do one for the life of me?


    It’s true! Interviews are one of the most important parts of the summit…


    Because boring summit interviews create poor audience engagement,  low summit conversions and decreased speaker support. 


    That’s why when you join Summit Accelerator you’ll get no-cost access to my “Interview With Impact” program, that will show you exactly how to be a magnetic host and perform interviews like a pro, even if you’re wet behind the ears :-)


    You’ll never host a boring interview, or be at a loss of words cause I got you covered with this program and my coaching.

  • Q: What makes this program different?


    Truth is, there are many programs out there teaching you how to host a summit, and I’m sure they’re pretty good! 


    But summits take effort. They take serious time and sometimes money investment. And there are a LOT of roadblocks in the way.


    So I’ve created the easiest and *pain-free* formula to host your summit using my “One-day-summit” blueprint, AND I’ll coach you all the way to bringing your summit to the world.


    I don’t think you need another course.


    What most folks found invaluable was the insights that I brought to the table once they felt stuck.


    Well, this program and coaching will help you get UNstuck :-)


    Plus, for the folks who join me inside the Summit Accelerator, I’ll be showing them my new “One-day-summit Series” which is by far the most profitable way to run summits today. 


    Noone else teaches this, and because I’m also using it for my own businesses, I’ll reveal it to the lucky few who will join me inside the program. 


    Q: Do I get access to Dr Mark Wade?


    Yes, you do! Despite the fact that I charge more than $7,500 for coaching…


    As part of the Summit Accelerator you get daily access with me via our Summit Accelerator Group. And each month you get a group coaching call to have Dr. Mark look directly at your summit questions, so you can hit the ground running with your first or next Summit.


I’m ready to Enroll!




Deposit is due today and then $297 for every month of coaching afterwards.

(Cancel anytime)


Our first goal together is to host your next summit in 90 days or less

 So Why Invest Now? 

It’s true that this coaching experience is limited to 10 people, because of the interactive nature of the program…


But no matter how many scarcity plays are out there, there’s only one true reason why it’s a good idea to enroll into this program right away.


Here’s why:


When I started out, there were people out there who were less talented, less hard-working, less qualified, less knowledgeable…


...yet they were building their audience, gaining authority and connecting with my dream influencers simply because they took action and started hosting virtual summits.


When I realized that, I took the necessary steps and after a while, was no longer the odd one out :-)


I don’t know if this is the case for you?


But I suspect it is.


If so, I suggest you take my hand on this coaching experience so we can bring you to the forefront of your niche and industry.


Regardless if you’re a “newbie” business owner or an experienced one, the “One-day-Summit” has helped people like you.


So if you’re open to it?


I’d love to help you get there.

Just One Final Reminder

As you probably already know, hosting a virtual summit isn’t a one-time gimmick you'll use this week or next month… and then never use again. 


This is an asset you’ll leverage for life.


So it's only natural that you should have lifetime access to the course material inside — since I expect you'll use these strategies now, 5 years from now, even 15 years from now…


… and share your message, impact people while growing your business and having FUN!


Far too many folks spend endless hours and cash on the usual old tactics, throwing spaghetti at the wall until something sticks.


And that’s fine if it’s working for them :-)


But if you want something faster and proven to work?


In 90 days you can host your virtual summit, rub shoulders with influencers in your niche, grow your list and your income. 


Or, you can stick to what you’re doing now.


Which option do you prefer?


You made it this far down the page. Thank you for that. 


If you’re open to joining us inside the Summit Accelerator? 


I look forward to working with you.


I’m ready to Enroll!




Deposit is due today and then $297 for every month of coaching afterwards

(Cancel anytime)


Our first goal together is to host your next summit in 90 days or less

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