Interview With Impact


BORING summit interviews create poor audience engagement,  low summit conversions and decreased speaker support.  It's time to take your summit to the next level.  It's time to make your interview professional. 


Interview With Impact


No more boring summit interviews.  This program will take your interview skills to PRO LEVEL. PLUS get all these incredible resources to make you look like a professional summit host.


5 professional modules giving you ALL the information you need to host an IMPACTFUL interview.


Access our Summit Story Arc program to understand how to map out your summit story and create a successful summit.


Get all of our go-to resources to make your interview process simple, easy & professional. These are the exact resources we use on all our summits.


These incredible bonuses will help you perform an entertaining interview EVERY time.  Get your speakers to promote more & your audience to stay engaged!

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Interview With Impact

One of the biggest causes of summit FAILURE is an unengaged audience.  The TOP reason an audience becomes "unengaged" is because of BORING interviews.

But it's not your fault.  You've never had any real interview training before.  Until NOW!

In the Interview With IMPACT program you get EVERYTHING you need to ensure EVERY interview is impactful.  

Never host a boring interview again!  Host your summit like a pro and watch your success SCALE!!

Interview With Impact 

($1997 Value)

Inside the IWI Program is 5 Professional Modules giving you everything you need to host a professional & IMPACTFUL interview.

  • Module 1: Getting Started

    - Speaker Success Steps

  • Module 2: Pre-Interview

       - Preparing In Advance
       - Researching your interview
       - How To Prep The Speaker

       - Pre-Interview Checklist – Host & Speaker

  • Module 3: Pro Interview Tips

        - Fundamental Strategies
        - Expert Tips
        - How To Handle Your Speaker
        - Important Interview Factors​

  • Module 4: Going Live​

        - Pre-Interview Prep & Warm Up
        - Pre-Interview Chat
        - Complete Virtual Summit Interview Flow
        - Post Interview Chat

  • Module 5: Post Interview​

        - Post Interview Wrap Up
        - Follow Up Process (& Sequence)
        - Post Interview Production
        - Final Items To Remember

Bonus: Summit Story  ($500 Value)

Not only will your interviews be IMPACTFUL but with this bonus course your entire summit will tell a story, keep your audience engaged and create IMPACT.  We are raising the level of Virtual Summits by raising the caliber of the summit.  Just like a Movie-Book-Netflix keeps you engaged in their story we'll show you how to create this same result with your summit. .

  • Virtual Summit Story Arc​

    Your summit should tell a story, have a mission and take your audience (the hero) on a journey.  With the Summit Story Arc you'll see how to create a "BINGE WORTHY" summit.

  • Virtual Summit Action Arc​

    No More BORING Summits. With the Summit Action Arc we create an ADVENTURE that provides our audience with an experience.  Instead of just watching a bunch of videos they are now a part of the story creating a highly engaging Virtual Summit.

  • Virtual Summit Storyboard Template​

    Map your summit story & adventure out like a PRO with this easy to use & powerful tool.  The Summit Storyboard template let's you quickly map & remap out your summit story to ensure you are creating a binge worthy summit that keeps your audience engaged and creates an IMPACT in the world!

PRO Resources ($785 Value)

With our professional summit interview resources you'll look like a pro & always be prepared to create an impactful interview.  Collecting the speaker information to actually performing the interview.  We use these resources for all of our interviews.

  • Summit Interview Flow - $197

    Use this when preparing your interview. All the information you need to create an impactful interview right there in one spot.

  • Speaker Information Form - $197

    Look like a pro to your speaker when you send them the SIF to collect all the information you need to create your interview.

  • Summit Speaker Sheet - $197

    After you prepare your interview put everything you need in one place. Then use this while performing your interview to never miss a thing and to create an impactful interview.

  • Pre-interview Checklist (Host)  - $97

    All professionals double check & prepare before performing and now you will too with this checklist.

  • Pre-Interview Checklist (Speaker) - $97​​

    Make sure your speaker shows up prepared to deliver an impactful interview & look like a pro when you send them this form with all the information they need for the interview.

AWESOME Bonuses ($1538 Value)

With these incredible bonuses you can ensure you will always host a professional and impactful interview.  Everything you need to take your summit interview to that next level and leave your audience with an IMPACT!

  • Follow-Up Sequence  - $99

    Our email by email follow up process will show you how many, how often, when & what to put in your speaker follow up process to ensure they stay engage, look at you like a pro and PROMOTE your virtual summit!

  • 106 Top Non-Topic Specific Questions To Get a Conversation Going - $197

    Never get stuck with starting an interview again.  With these conversation starters you can get an impactful interview flowing immediately.

  • Interview Warm Up Drills  - $150

    Every professional warms up & now you can too with our interview warm up drills. Ensure you are ready & hot to jump into that super important interview.

  • 25 Crazy Strategies To Improve Your Interview  (How To Be Weird/Different/Entertaining)  - $97

    Let's get creative and think outside the BOX!  Make your summit ENTERTAINING with these outside the box ideas to create an engaging summit interview.


    Don't make these fatal mistakes on your interview.  Not knowing is not an excuse.  With this bonus you won't have to worry!



These techniques have worked for hundreds of clients, and they'll work for you, too.

Mark knows what he is talking about.  He has already given me at least 7 Figures worth of value that I believe I can achieve this year!

Cade Archibald

CEO, Go Wellness

Virtual Summits helped me build a 7-Figure business.  It wouldn't have been possible without Mark's AMAZING insights, and strategies. 

Krista Burns

Founder, American Posture Institute.

It's amazing how much Mark knows about summits.  It's like second nature to him.  He helped me quickly see the best route to take and to build out a successful summit.

Luke Wade

Founder, KC Crew.

I would have never done a summit if it weren't for Mark's help.  Thanks to that I doubled my list and made some real money off my summit!

Kevin Christie

CEO, Health Fit Sports Recovery

The hustle and scale training was amazing.  You have definitely hit this out of the park.  Such great value provided.  Thank you!

Brad Gorski

AutoImmune Summit

It's unreal how much value Mark brings to the table.  I know we are sitting on something huge now, that would have NEVER happened had it not been for Mark's amazing insights.

Ted Taveras

Co Founder, Spot On Insurance.


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Whether you are already planning a Virtual Summit or think you might host one in the future you MUST grab this program.  Keep it as long as you want and use it for EVERY interview you ever perform (summit or otherwise). 

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Interview With IMPACT

Host Your Summit Like A PRO!


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  • Summit Story Course

  • Professional Resources

  • AMAZING Bonuses

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