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Virtual Summits Software is the ONLY software designed 100% solely for hosting a Virtual Summit.  It makes hosting a summit EASIER than ever before.   We are proud to announce that our software has hosted over 150 successful summits on this platform.

We are looking for Entrepreneurs who want to help their tribes become more successful by implementing a powerful online marketing strategy called a virtual summit.


Do you have a group or community of entrepreneurs who look to you for on going training & success strategies? 


Specifically if Your Tribe is Entrepreneurs Looking to:

  • Grow their List
  • Launch A New program
  • Make more money
  • Increase their authority or influence
  • Network with other Influencers

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark T Wade, founder of Virtual Summits Software & creator of One-Day Summit Formula.   I’ve built 6, 7 & multi 7 figure companies using virtual summits.


I originally built Virtual Summits Software specifically for my companies, but have now opened it up to any entrepreneur looking to quickly & easily host a successful summit.


We want YOU to become a part of our Virtual Summits Influencer program & help your tribe become even more successful by referring them the Virtual Summits Software.


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Who is the Virtual Summit Software for?


It’s specifically for entrepreneurs looking to:

  • Grow an email list of engaged subscribers
  • Monetize a current list of email subscribers
  • Automate a successful business so they can do less, while still making more profits.

What does Virtual Summit Software actually do?

  • Allows you to quickly & easily set up a Virtual Summit.
  • No Tech skill needed.
  • No Team Needed
  • Can be done on any budget

Some of the features of Virtual Summits Software:

  • Host multiple summits from one location
  • Landing Page Builder with professional templates already built in.
  • Speaker organization, management & follow up features to handle the speaker recruitment.
  • Runs the summit for you automatically completely hands off.
  • Most powerful feature:  The EVER-SUMMIT Feature

 The Ever-Summit Feature which allows you to re-run your summit automatically, as if it were live, on going forever, with one click of a button!


Summits are super powerful:

  • Russell Brunson just did 7 figures in 14 days with his 30-Day Funnel Summit.
  • Chandler bolt launched his Self Publishing School with a virtual summit.
  • Michael Hyatt has the Impact Summit
  • Aweber hosted a One-Day Podcasting summit
  • Thinkific hosted the "Online Course Success Summit"

Successful Influencers have always been the one’s hosting summits.  But Now thanks to Virtual Summits Software anyone can!

Everyone Can Access This Power Now!

Kevin ran his first summit called the Chiro Marketing Summit, which allowed him to doubled his list make $7,000.


Lisa had zero knowledge of online marketing, and didn’t even have a business website.  She ran the Keto101 summit, generated 3,600 leads & made $12,000.  She now has a full online business making passive income from her summit.


Mike ran the Microbiome Summit, with a premium summit allowing him to monetize a current list making roughly $50,000 in 2 days. 


Our companies have run more than 25 summits and generated more than $2 Million dollars from these summits.

Join The Virtual Summits Influencer Program & Get Rewarded!

We know summits are one of the most powerful online marketing strategies.  Now thanks to Virtual Summits Software that power is being handed to all entrepreneurs in every niche & industry. 

What we need is someone like you to help us spread the message! 

Join our Summits Influencer program, help your tribe be more successful & generate passive income in the process!


We offer an AMAZING Influencer incentive program to authentic entrepreneurs, like yourself who truly want to help their tribes be more successful & inform them about Virtual Summits Software.


If you are interested in becoming one of our summit influencers & being rewarded you can sign up here:

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Additionally you can contact us directly to discuss any specific ideas you may have for sharing this resource with your tribe.   We are always open to the following:

  • Performing A Partner Webinar Session to your tribe.
  • Running A Facebook live to your group.
  • Generating An Email campaign to send out!
  • Or even cheering you on while you run your own summit

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Unlike the other way of building virtual summits, which requires bootstrapping software, spending countless hours tracking information, and thousands of dollars building platforms, Virtual Summits Software makes it quick, easy, and painless to host a virtual summit. We know our customers have a message they need to communicate to the world, and using a Virtual Summit is one of the best ways to launch that message. We also know that hosting a virtual summit is great for building authority, leads and profits. That is why we created Virtual Summits Software making it easier than ever to host a Virtual Summit.

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