Hope2020 Initiative For Virtual Events! 

Virtual Summits Software Announces FREE Accounts For New Users!


March 17th, 2020


Dr. Mark T Wade

CEO & Founder Of Virtual Summits Software


Virtual Summits Software Announces FREE Accounts For New Users!

Launch Your Virtual Event for Free with Virtual Summits Software

    Virtual Summits Software announces the Hope 2020 Initiative to support business owners amidst a period of economic uncertainty.  The intention of this initiative is to give hope if you had to close your physical business, online business, or had to cancel a live event due to forced isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


    We are at an unprecedented time in history.  No, this is not the first outbreak our world has seen, and no, this is not the first economic recession in our recent history. 


    This is an unprecedented opportunity to host virtual events to supplement your physical business, online business, and live events.  We are in forced isolation with social distancing. 


    The positive side to social distancing is that your audience is paying attention.  They need you to be a leader for them.  They are craving connection, and they want to be entertained. 


    You can and should provide this level of leadership, connection, and entertainment to your tribe.  Virtual events will never replace live events long-term.  Once we get through social isolation live events will be back and thriving.  However, you can’t afford not to have a virtual component of your company now and in the future.


    If you are experiencing uncertainty right now it is likely because you knew you needed an online component to your business, but waited to take action.  That is okay.  You are okay.  There is still hope by taking action now. 


    Because we care about you, your family, your employees, and your employees’ families we do not take social distancing and economic uncertainty lightly.  We want to provide hope, which is why we are offering all of this for FREE through the Hope 2020 Initiative.   


      Hope 2020 Initiative for Virtual Events Overview

      1. Platform

      All New Users can gain free access to Virtual Summits Software for up to 4 months to host your virtual event.  Virtual Summits Software is the original software to host virtual summits on a professional platform.  It is easy to use, straight-forward (even for the “non-techies”), efficient, and a professional representation of your brand online

      2. Mentorship 

      Get mentored for free of how to implement a virtual component into your business with daily live training virtual sessions.  No matter what industry you are in, we will help you add a virtual component to your business. 


      There has never been a better time than right now to host a virtual event.  We will help you see why, see how to implement a virtual event in your business, and a step-by-step walk through of how to use Virtual Summits Software to host your virtual event. 

      3. TRIBE 

      In a time of forced social distancing and isolation, the need for a virtual tribe has never been stronger.  Surround yourself with other positive business owners who are being proactive and implementing virtual events into their companies. 


      Join the Facebook Group Viral Summits now to be supported by your tribe.  We are all in this together.  We will all get through this together.  We all need to stick together.  Join your tribe here

      .4. Speakers  

      We are reaching out to all topic experts, speakers, and thought leaders who may have been affected by the recent events.  We want to help give you a way to continue to inspire others, and get your message out to the world.  Because of this we are offering FREE speaker profile accounts inside the Virtual Summits Software.


      With this you can create a professional speaker profile with your contact information, speaker details, and even a speaker reel video and we will help match you with summit hosts who are looking for speakers.  With this you will continue to get virtual speaking opportunities even in this trying time.  To create your free speaker profile go here!


      Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to add a virtual component to your company.  We will support you in every possible way that we can.  We are choosing hope and generosity over panic and greed. 


      We are asking that you join us in sharing Hope. 


      By adding a virtual component to your business you are paying forward hope to your community.  You are showing up for them as a leader and giving them a tribe to be a part of virtually during a time of social isolation.


      This is an unprecedented time in history.  Rise above uncertainty with the clear first step of adding a virtual component to your business by taking advantage of the Free Resources made available to you through the Hope 2020 Initiative.    


      We are here for you.

      Dr. Mark T. Wade – Founder and CEO of Virtual Summits Software


      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What is a Virtual Event? A Virtual Event is an online event including, but not limited to, Virtual Summits, Live Streaming videos and interviews, and Pre-Recorded videos and interviews.  These can be done by you, or a collaboration of strategic partners brought together on one virtual event to add value to your customers online. 

        Please check out this article for more information on Virtual Summits     
      2. Who should host a Virtual Event? You.  If you are a business owner in a physical business, online business, or live events, you absolutely should have a virtual event component in your business.  Now, more than ever before, this is crucial step forward to recession proof your company.
      3. What if I am not very “Techie”? Don’t worry, most users of the Virtual Summits Software aren’t either.  Virtual Summits Software is easy to use and straightforward.  The software does everything for you from hosting your summit, to speaker management, to landing page building.  If you feel lost at any point we have training videos for you and tech support available to help you in building your virtual event.  
      4. How do I join the Mentorship Trainings? Simply register here and we will notify you.  We are going live everyday (Monday-Friday) at 5pm EST.  Please tune in to get mentored and receive step-by-step guidance of how to create your Virtual Event.  We will do software demos, provide insider secrets to best practices of virtual events, and answer your questions to help you take immediate action.    
      5. How long do I have free access to the software? 4 months.  This allows you more than enough time to get your Virtual Event together and get it produced to host online.  We have got your back.  Not only can you get mentoring of how to produce the virtual event with the Mentorship Live Trainings, but you can produce and host your live event with free access to the software.      
      6. Can I share this with my friends? Sharing is caring.  We are sharing our best resources for free with you.  Please pay it forward and share it with someone else who desperately needs to implement a virtual component into their business.  Let’s all work together to support one another and provide hope. 
      7. Do You Have A Referral Program?   Absolutely.  We have our summit influencer program that allows you to share this incredible platform with your friends, tribe or community, and when you do you get rewarded for that.  You help them solve a major problem by quickly and easily incorporating a Virtual Summit and in the process you get rewarded.  You can sign up for our referral program here!
      8. Do You have a DEMO of the software?  Yes you can check out a video demo of the software and the Summit Page Builder (TM) here on this page:  Virtual Summits Software Demo

      About Dr. Mark T. Wade

      Dr. Mark T Wade is the founder of the Virtual Summits Software, Creator of the One-Day Summit, Host of the TOP rated Virtual Summit Podcast, and host of the in person Summit Fest Live event in New Orleans.  He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve success with Virtual Summits. 


      He now helps some of the top influencers in the world strategize their Virtual Summits using these strategies and get their message out to the world!


      Having hosted more than 40 of his own Virtual Summits, combined with their exclusive Viral Summit (Done For You) Concierge program they have created some of the most successful virtual events!

        Message From Dr. Mark

        As a conference host, and online business owner, I understand how difficult this time is.  It is my hope that we can help ease some of that burden by giving new users free access to our platform.  But my reach is only so far.  I need your help!  So please help us share this information with your friends, colleagues and other entrepreneurs! 

        We Need YOUR help to spread the word!!




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